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Terms & Conditions

Gold Star shall not be liable to Customer or to any other person for any consequential or incidental damages arising from or connected with the provision, sale, or use of equipment or goods provided under this website. This exclusion of liability includes, without limitation, liability for any lost profits, loss of time, loss of use of equipment or good will, expenses incurred in replacing goods, damage to or replacement of equipment or property, and any other loss or damage of an economic nature. Gold Star's total liability with regard to any goods shall not exceed the amount that Customer paid Gold Star for those specific goods. This paragraph applies to all claims whether asserted under contract, tort, statute, or other legal theory. Customer shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Gold Star from any claims made by any third person arising out of or connected with the provision, sale, or use of equipment or goods. Payment is due from Customer 15 days from the date of each invoice. A late payment fee of 1.5% per month (18% per year) will be imposed on all past due amounts. Customer shall pay all costs of collection, including reasonable attorneys fees, incurred in any efforts made or proceedings brought to collect or enforce sales made from this website and shall pay Gold Star $50 for each check or other payment dishonored for nonsufficient or uncollected funds, whether or not Customer subsequently pays the underlying amount owed. Gold Star may apply any Customer credits for returns, overpayments, or otherwise on the next invoice to be processed. Any litigation arising out of this website or services performed under it shall be brought in the circuit court of Dane County, Wisconsin. All sales from this site are deemed to have occurred in Dane County, WI