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Additional Baking Needs

      Bring the taste of the bakery to your breakroom, office or sales floor.

      Let your customers and staff indulge their sweet tooth with our mouthwatering selection
      of cookies, doughnuts and more. Have a hankering for something you don’t see here?
      Let us know—we’re happy to work with you and will find a source that meets your needs.

      And don’t forget to check out our Bakers Best cookie program: Hot, fresh
      cookies baked right in your workplace. Nothing’s more delicious than
      straight-from-the-oven baked goods and fresh cookies are a great way to
      encourage customers to linger and chat.

      Additional Baking Needs                     Item #                 Quantity

      Pan Liners 620 for Bakers Best oven         22693                  1,000 count
      Pan Liners for Otis Spunkmeyer oven         94100                  1,000 count
      Small Paper Cookie Bags                     71108                  6”x8” 2,000 count
      Pick-up Tissue                              94120                  1,000 count
      Disposable Poly Gloves - Medium             POLYGLV                100 ct
      Lace Doily 12”                              102412                 each

       TRY our seasonal COOKIES

        ITEM: 409 and 406

       QTY: 288 1.25 OZ

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