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welcome to goldstar

                                               We know your time is valuable (and that there’s great coffee to be drunk!)
                                               so we’ll keep it short and sweet. Here are the top reasons we think a
                                               GoldStar partnership is worth a look!

                                               Great coffee. Today’s employees and customers know and expect
                                               great coffee and they’ll go elsewhere if you don’t provide it (think of the

                                               productivity drop every time your employees head out for a coffee run!).
                                               GoldStar delivers coffee shop excellence and, literally, hundreds of coffee
                                               options. If we don’t have the coffee you want, we’ll find it!

                                               Hassle-free equipment and servicing. We make coffee easy! Count
                                               on us for user-friendly, hassle-free equipment and speedy maintenance
                                               and servicing.

                                               100% customizable offerings. Want your breakroom to stock something
                                               you don’t see here. Just ASK! Some of today’s most popular items were
                                               once just a gleam in a customer’s eye!

                                               Local coffee roasters. Although there are a few amazingly good
                                               exceptions, we buy most of our coffee from local roasters. This ensures
                                               a fresh product, that we can deliver fresh to you, and has let us build
                                               long-term relationships with the area’s most committed and

                                               respected roasters.

                                               Customer-first service. Our top priority is to make YOU ecstatic! We
                                               strive to do that with easy ordering, fast, responsive delivery and service,
                                               a great product line-up and competitive pricing. We look forward to being
                                               your break room partner and hope you’ll tell us how we can do an
                                               even better job!

                                               A HUGE service area. Our service areas include: Green Bay, Fox Valley,
                                               Madison, Milwaukee, Racine and all points in between. Between our
               Want to learn more:             regularly scheduled product runs and as-needed, just-in-time deliveries,
               visit our website               you’ll never need to worry about running out of a critical item or dealing

       !                with the hassle of overflowing supplies.

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