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paper products

      Paper Plates                     Item #           Quantity
      6 in diameter                    40111            1000 ct
      9 in diameter                    810              1200 ct

      Wrapped Utensils                  Item #          Quantity

      Forks                             5001            1000 ct
      Knives                            7001            1000 ct
      Soup Spoons                       4001            1000 ct

      Unwrapped Utensils                Item #                           Quantity

      Heavy Weight Forks                V173001                          100 ct
      Heavy Weight Knives               V173002                          100 ct
      Heavy Weight Teaspoons            V173003                          100 ct

      Paper Products                    Item #                           Quantity
      Paper Towels                      24020                            per roll
      Lunch Napkins                     23060                            500 ct
      Dinner Napkins                    41530                            250 ct

      We offer eco-friendly, biodegradable and compostable paper products.

      Whether your preference is compostabe or regular paper products we can be your partner.

      A biodegradable product that breaks down quickly is compostable. Compostable products
      are made of organic materials that can decompose naturally. The resulting material is rich
      in minerals. Compost is a natural plant growing medium that reduces the need for chemical

      Compostable cups are the future of paper coffee cups. Our cups are made with fully sustain-
      able materials, lined with a plant-based polymer (PLA), and made using materials grown right
      here in the United States. Our cups are 100% compostable, yet they perform like any conven-
      tional coffee cups.

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