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As we keep a careful eye on ever-changing news reports and updates on the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to assure you that we are continuing our work with customers in much the same way as before.  As an essential business, we have remained fully operational continuously.

Safety is at the foundation of all that we do, and now more than ever, we are working to protect our employees, customers, and partners as we continue our business. We want to assure you that we are currently providing deliveries for customers in much the same way as before, with some important additions.

Here are some of the ways we are limiting exposure to the virus:

  • All our drivers wear face masks when interacting with your company and use sanitizing agents on Gold Star trucks so that our vehicles stay disinfected and our drivers stay healthy.
  • We have scrutinized our sanitation practices when handling our deliveries to keep our customers safe, and we have eliminated the need for customer signatures.
  • All team members who work at our office and warehouse practice strict social distancing protocol.
  • We disinfect our facility daily.
  • Daily employee temperature checks.
  • We have directed our employees to stay home if they begin to feel sick.
If the coffee equipment in your office has been idle, or not used on a regular basis for an extended period of time, we strongly advise that you call us to service the equipment. We offer cleaning services for your coffee machines to ensure your equipment is ready to go and produces the excellent coffee to which your employees are accustomed.
As employers now plan to ramp up for the return of employees to the workplace, the safety and well-being of your workforce should be top of mind. With so many unknowns on the horizon plus a challenging transition for employees as they return to the office, one of the most important things companies can do is offer perks to make employees feel comfortable and evoke some semblance of “normal”. A delicious and comforting cup of coffee is something that many employees have grown to expect, and quite frankly to enjoy. On-site coffee machines provide employees a safe and effective way to get beverages in a controlled manner, while eliminating the need for employees to travel off-site, engage in additional personal contact, and risk returning to work and exposing their colleagues.

We recommend that companies consider the use of disposable cups, as well as individual serving sizes of cream, sugar and other sweeteners, to maximize safety. For customers who would like to continue baking cookies, we offer individual cookie bags. And don’t forget about wiping down the equipment after each use.

Our Gold Star family is here to help your team in the coming weeks and months ahead. Please reach out to our team as we are ready to discuss any special accommodations  you may want in helping keep everyone safe.  

Stay healthy and well.
— Your Gold Star Team

Give us a call today at 800-465-2088 with any questions or concerns.



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