Serenade Single Cup Brewer With Virtual Touch

Serenade Single Cup Brewer with Virtual Touch

The Serenade® Single-Cup Brewer is now tech-enabled with touchless beverage dispensing technology (VirtualTOUCH™). So you can safely and easily offer the freshly brewed Starbucks® whole bean experience that your employees can count on throughout the workday, in addition to other beverage favorites.

  • Great for medium and large sized businesses
  • Brews 50 8oz cups per hour
  • Two 3-lb & one 2-lb whole bean hoppers; Two 5-lb powder hoppers
  • 5 coffee varieties: Coffee, Iced Coffee, Tazo Chai Latte, Hot Chocolate, Hot Water
  • Dimensions: 40.4″ H x 20.1″ W x 23″ D

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