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Locally roasted for all-out freshness and flavor. We make our coffee for the people.

In 1998 two brother-in-laws started what they thought was to be a small wine shop in Madison’s beautiful Monroe Street neighborhood. The idea was simple: source the most delicious and interesting wines from around the world for a price the regular working joe can afford. Fast forward a few years to 2003 when the two jumped head first into the blossoming specialty coffee business and applied those same principles to a new frontier.

Barriques has always had a strong DIY attitude. Just look at any of our eight cafes’, each one hand built by us and our families. Everything from the decor to the tables and countertops. In 2011 we decided to take the DIY mantra one step further and start roasting our own coffee right here in our hometown of Madison. Sourcing the best specialty grade coffee from all over the world, roasting it with precision and care, and sharing it with our loyal customers everyday.

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