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Cadence Cold Brew

Like all great ideas, Cadence Cold Brew came from a desire to create something new.

As on-the-go parents and outdoor enthusiasts, husband-and-wife team, Roy and Jen, long wondered why they couldn’t have great coffee — minus unhealthy additives — no matter where they traveled. So, a recipe for an excellent cold brew was developed and then tweaked. The most amazing beans were found and thrown in the mix. More improvements were made, but it still wasn’t perfect. Sleepless nights were had. And then, eureka! In the middle of the night, Roy figured out how to infuse each can with nitro — the crucial last ingredient that gives Cadence coffee a creamy cascade, natural freshness and bold taste. Cadence Cold Brew was born.

Roy, a veteran of the food industry, enlisted Jen’s sales skills to launch the company in 2015. The cold brew craze has since taken off, and Cadence is now available for your office.

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