Equipment List


24″ Wide Dual Tap Kegerater

High quality full-size dual faucet dispenser that includes everything you’ll need to dispense up to two kegs of delicious nitro cold brew.

  • Dimensions: 33.25″ H x 24″ W x 25″ D

Commercial Brewers

Bistro 10

  • Choose from coffee, latte, cappuccino, cafe mocha, espresso & hot chocolate
  • Three drink sizes, 8, 10 and 12 ounces with three different strengths each!
  • The system is designed to use liquid coffee for dispensing coffee drinks, powdered cocoa & powdered dehydrated milk for drink creations.
  • Dimensions: 25.1″ H x 10.7″ W x 21.3″ D 


Bunn ICB Infusion Series® Coffee Brewers (Airpots and ThermoFresh Servers)

  • Brews 5.1 to 11.9 gallons (19.3 to 45 litres) of perfect coffee per hour
  • Large 3-gallon (11.36 litre) tank provides back-to-back brewing capacity
  • Dual voltage adaptable (Can operate at 120V/15 amp or 120/208-240V/20 amp)
  • BUNN Infusion Series technology allows for multiple recipes from one footprint — with three brew buttons and two batch sizes
  • Brews into 2.5 to 3.8 litre airpots and 3.8 and 5.7 litre baseless ThermoFresh® servers for easy transport of coffee to other locations
  • Pre-infusion and pulse brew for maximum flavor extraction. Cold brew lockout & digital temperature control further ensure top-notch brewing.
  • Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods
  • USB programming capable
  • Digital readout displays in English, Spanish, or French —for easier programming and control— and can show either ‘Standard’ or Metric measurements. Digital readout also shows machine status, and targeted advertising messages can be programmed for display.
  • Black and stainless models available
  • Dimensions: 26.8″ H x 10.2″ W x 22.1″ D

Keurig 1500 Commercial Coffee Maker

  • Ideal for smaller offices (up to 20 people).
  • Brew a wide selection of beverages with 150+ Keurig K-Cup® pod varieties from over 30 top brands
  • Delivers freshly brewed coffee, tea, and hot cocoa in under a minute
  • Brews 4 cup sizes (6, 8, 10, and 12 oz.) and is large enough to accommodate a travel mug
  • Extra-large 96 oz. water reservoir with durable, easy-to-use handle for effortless cleaning and added convenience
  • STRONG button delivers a bolder, more intense flavor
  • Quiet Brew Technology™ minimizes brewer noise while in use
  • Programmable Auto Off feature saves energy when not in use
  • Indicator lights clearly display when it is time to add water or descale the brewer
  • Internal hot water tank is completely drainable for easy transportation and relocation
  • High altitude setting ensures your coffee maker works properly at altitudes > 5,000 feet
  • Engineered with commercial-grade reliability
  • Dimensions: 12.35” H x 10.25” W x 12.1″ D


Keurig K-3500

Keurig K-3500 Single-Serve Commercial Coffee Brewer, Black/Silver. It delivers freshly brewed coffee, tea, and hot cocoa in about a minute.

  • Ideal for larger offices
  • Brews 5 cup sizes (4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 oz.) and can accommodate a travel mug.
  • STRONG button delivers a bolder, more intense flavor.
  • Intuitive user interface delivered on a hi-res touch screen.
  • K-Cup auto-eject functionality.
  • Direct-waterline plumbed for continuous back-to-back brewing, without having to refill a water reservoir.
  • Dedicated on-demand hot water dispenser.
  • Screen saver feature saves energy when not in use.
  • Dimensions: 17.4″ H x 12.0″ W x 18.0″ D


Keurig K-2500 Plumbed Commercial Coffee Maker

The coffee maker blends intuitive technology with clean lines and modern design, delivering an unmatched range of beloved brands of coffee, cocoa, and tea, all at the touch of a screen. The flexible brewer is ready to be plumbed directly to a water line right out of the box.

  • Ideal for medium size offices
  • 5 Cup sizes to choose from: 4, 6, 8, 10 , and 12 ounce brew sizes
  • STRONG button delivers a bolder, more intense flavor.
  • Quiet Brew Technology minimizes noise and allows for flexible placement.
  • Easy to clean and meets NSF-4 and ANSI standards
  • Six serviceable modules help extend brewer life and provide greater service flexibility
  • Hi-Res color touchscreen 
  • Reservoir allows for user-friendly installation; no technician required
  • Small compact footprint and flexible design are perfect for placement in non-communal areas
  • Removable drip tray to accommodate most larger disposable cups or travel mugs
  • Dimensions: 13” H x 7.87″ W x 14.25” D

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3 Hopper Fresh Mix Dispenser For Cappuccino or Soup

  • Variable speed motors allow control of product consistency in mixing chamber (.75 to 6.6 grams of powder per second)
  • Lighted front graphics for merchandising are easy to exchange: cappuccino or soup
  • Attractive high-impact resin door is dent and scratch resistant.
  • Large easy-to-fill translucent hoppers hold 4 lbs. (1.81 kg) of product each, ensuring quick and timely refilling
  • High speed heavy-duty whipper for complete product mixing
  • Improved automatic rinsing of whipper reduces run-on after beverage is dispensed
  • Adjustable legs and drip tray accommodate 20 oz. (.59 litre) mugs easily
  • Electrical and plumbing components easily accessible through front and top
  • Dimensions: 30.0″ H x 11.3″ W x 23.3″ D

Total Lite

  • The Total Lite is the sleekest bean to cup coffee machine from Innovation Series.
  • It offers the advantages and quality of a Cafection coffee machine with less space requirements!
  • The world’s first interactive and Internet-connected coffee brewers with remote management capabilities that include customizable messaging and only produces biodegradable waste. Click to watch video.
  • Includes advertising screen for custom branding options. View sample.
  • This top quality coffee machine, with its three bean hopper and two soluble canisters
  • Offers a great selection of coffees and hot beverages that will meet your needs.
  • Dimensions: 40.0″ H x 14.0″ W x 23″ D


  • Great for all office sizes!
  • BrewMETER® allows automatic programming of pulse routine
  • Adjustable legs to accommodate up to 3.0L lever action and 2.5L push button BUNN airpots and thermal servers
  • Brew into 1.9L thermal carafe using the slide-out booster tray
  • Four-digit LED read-out for simple programming
  • Utilize the same LED read-out for brewer status (Ready, Heating, Brewing)
  • SmartWAVE technology increases turbulence in the brew funnel
  • Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods
  • Ensures coffee brew quality with cold brew lock out capability
  • SplashGard funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand
  • Dimensions: 17.4″ H x 9.7″ W x 17.9″ D

Newco CX Touch

Enjoy delicious coffees, latte’s, cappuccinos and more with the Newco CX Touch

Newco CX Touch User Guide
Newco CX Touch Demo
Newco CX Touch Sell Sheet

  • Blend soluble milk and chocolate with individual PODS of coffee and tea to create coffee house quality drinks.
  • Scroll through the high-resolution touch screen and select your drink.
  • Insert POD and your drink is prepared in under a minute.
  • Dimensions: 17.8″ H x 19.4″ W x 19.3″ D

BUNN AutoPOD Brewer

Commercial grade, single-cup system.

  • Integrated cup booster allows for 5″ or 8″ cup clearance
  • Eliminates waste by brewing one fresh cup at a time from a wide variety of coffee and tea pods
  • Automatically disposes of spent pods after each brew
  • Removable pod bin holds up to 25 spent pods
  • Pod bin and drip tray can be modified for under-counter disposal of pods.
  • Jet-action sprayhead design allows for proper extraction of all flavoring materials and aromatics
  • Brews up to 16 ounces of coffee or tea in less than a minute.
  • Digital display in English/Spanish for easy programming, operation and control
  • Control extraction utilizing pulse-brew technology with BrewMETER™
  • Push & hold hot water button provides up to 10 ounces of hot water for cappuccino, cocoa and soups
  • Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods
  • Dimensions: 15.8″ H x 9.7″ W x 15.7″ D


BUNN Glass Pot Brewer

12 Cup Dual Volt Automatic Coffee Brewer with 3 Warmers

  • Low to medium volume brewing solution with simple switch controls
  • Three station automatic with convenient hot water faucet for other piping hot beverages
  • Three individually controlled warmers including easy to reach step-up rear warmer
  • Ready light for optimum brewing temperatures
  • Durable stainless-steel construction
  • SplashGard® funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand
  • Designed with low profile height to fit under cabinet space
  • Dimensions: 18.9″ H x 16.4″ W x  21.4″ D

Eccellenza Touch

Create gourmet coffee and café style beverages with this bean to cup brewing machine. 

  • Ideal for larger offices
  • Designed for 150+ Cups Per Day
  • Holds a total of 4.5 pounds of whole beans in 2 hoppers
  • Holds a total of 7.5 pounds of powder in 3 hoppers (Milk, French Vanilla, and Chocolate)
  • No paper filters required, uses a unique stainless steel filter
  • 10.1″ Hi-Res color touchscreen that can be used for brew selection as well as advertising and communication
  • Wi-Fi interface allows you to easily access equipment data and status remotely
  • 3 brew strengths
  • 3 cup sizes (8,10,12oz.)
  • Innovative Reverse French-Press Technology
  • Energy-Saving mode
  • Dimensions: 20″ H x 28.0″ W x 20.25″ D



Sego is a fully automatic espresso machine. Espresso’s, coffees and specialty drinks are brewed to perfection using fresh coffee beans and instant ingredients such as topping (powdered milk) and cocoa. Using these instant ingredients and the coffee beans of your choice, you can serve various drinks like Coffee Crema, Latte, Cappuccino, Espresso, Mocha, Americano, Latte Macchiato, Mochaccino, Hot chocolate, and Hot chocolate Deluxe and naturally, you can offer hot water too.

  • Ideal for medium size businesses. Suits waiting rooms, breakrooms, cafeterias, and offices
  • NEW: Contactless Coffee Control (CCC) App kit available for touchless ordering.
  • Bean-to-cup: Each cup is brewed with freshly ground coffee beans
  • Unique and patented rotational CIRCO brewer offers unrivaled ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy operation thanks to its intuitive touchscreen
  • Up to 30 drink options
  • Small footprint and profile
  • Energy-saving mode
  • Fully customizable taste-profile from grind, pre-wetting, extraction time, coffee to water, milk or chocolate ratio, to the cup size
  • Dimensions: 25.59″ H x 12.40″ W x 17.72″ D


Baking Ovens

WISCO Cookie/Convection Oven

Heated, circulating air throughout the oven penetrates food quickly. Perfect for baking cookies!

  • Precise, adjustable time and temperature control
  • High-speed fan for even air distribution
  • Insulated, double-wall construction
  • Cool-touch safety tempered glass door
  • Temperature range from 100° F – 450° F.
  • 53 inch power cord
  • 120V, 10.9Amps, 1300Watts
  • 19″wx18″dx14.25″h
  • UL & NSF approved


Cookie Display

  • Break Resistant Heavy Clear Plastic With Chrome Handle
  • 13″ x H: 5 1/4”

Keurig® Storage Rack for 8 K-cups® Boxes

  • Holds up to 8 boxes of your favorite Keurig K-Cups
  • Sturdy black frame
  • Includes a condiment tray
  • Dimensions: 17.5″H x 18.3″W x 12.5″D

Storage Rack for Coffee POD Boxes

Holds up to 6 boxes of your Coffee PODs

Universal Airpot Rack

  • Holds Up To Three Portable Airpots
  • 11.2D x 22.9W x 6.9H

Sight Glass Airpot

  • Holds heat for 6-8 hours
  • Constructed from stainless steel exterior and glass interior with vacuum insulation
  • Hand Wash
  • Dimensions: 6 x 8 x 15.25 inches

Lever Action Airpot

  • Stainless Steel
  • Lever Action
  • 9D x 7.05W x 15.5H
  • 2.2 liter

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